"As you start to use AI tools, please be careful about what you dump into these systems."

Be sure to know the code that AI is giving you; don't just copy and paste. AI might give you a code that may end up breaking your systems or giving you a malware (heard stories of people getting malware because they just copy and paste code without understanding it), so thoroughly check why the code works and understand it.

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For sensitive projects, I'd treat these AI assistants like Stack Overflow. Write a minimum reproducible version of what you're trying to sort out, and paste that into the assistant.

But that's a much slower workflow, and it's not as fun to talk about as having the AI generate the actual code you need. I think people can see how public a post on SO is, and wouldn't think of posting proprietary code there. But AI tools *feel* more private than they are to a lot of people.

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